Thursday, November 26, 2009

My name is Ishrat Hussain Ish Turi.

Father name is Jan Hussain

I m from Parachinar.

I study in Pakistan scout Cadet college batrasi Mansehra. I live in Malana.


Malana is a small village of Kurram Agency, Pakistan. It is located north of the main city Parachinar. Parachinar is the capital of Kurram Agency where the Political Administration offices are located. Malana village is divided into two parts by a small rainy canal called Malana Horr and remains dry throughout the year but during rainy season the rainy water flows through Malana Horr.

Malana Horr at end meets Kurram River called Darya-i-Kurram. The Malana Horr begins from Koh-i-Safid, a very famous mountain of the area that meets with Torra Borra which is famous for War on Terror. At the right side of Malana Horr is situated main Bus stop called Hazrat Ghazi Abbass Alamdar(a.s) Ziarat stop. At stop is a holy tomb of the younger brother of Hazrat Imam Hussain (a.s) the Hazrat Abbas Alamdar (a.s) who scafied at the desert of Karballa as faithful compainian of Imam Hussain(a.s. Most of the population of Malana village are Shia Muslim. Next to Hazrat Abbas (a.s) tomb stop start a sloopy green and very charming area and end at Liwankhel a small sub village of Malana where the plann area end and hills starts.

In the way from Ziarat Stop to Liwan Khell is Sub Village Start Kalay, Kasa located between hills and Malana Horr. The people earn their livings through small level forming and small business. On the left side of Malana Horr is Village Morokhel. one and half kilometer towards east is village Maikai which is directly connected to Parachinar by 5 km blacktopped road.

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